Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Sujata's giveaway!

Hi everyone!  I'm still here, busy, busy, sewing some, gardening some, working most :-(  trying to keep my priorities in order.

But I have to tell you about Sujata Shah's giveaway for her book!  And check out Amy Butler's new line of fabric - so pretty!  Here's the link:


And here's a shot of one of Sujata's quilts - gorgeousness, don't you agree?

Quilt and photo by Sujata Shah, The Root Connection.

Thursday, May 28, 2015

"Fading light" postage stamp quilt

I took these pictures in the fading light of dusk.
My idea in making this quilt was to go gradually from light to dark
 or dark to light, but I was also attempting to only use scraps and not cut into anything larger
 than a scrap.  The backing is Philip Jacobs, I think?
It's going to a good friend at work.  Tomorrow is the last day we will work together as I am being transferred to a different county.  We will miss each other - we've been lunchtime walking partners, among many other things we have in common.
I have been spending some time on Instagram and neglecting my blog.  I hope to get back here more often, though.
xo   ~ Jodi ~

Monday, April 6, 2015

Finn's Heather Ross Goldfish quilt

 I finished this quilt for my grandson, Finn Wilder, back in 2013 but forgot to take pictures, so
his mom, my daughter, did the posing with it, and her husband, Blueflash, did the honors of snapping
 these shots.
This quilt was a lot of fun to make.  It's very similar to Ezra's that I made back in 2010.
Ashley gave a general tutorial on how to make this quilt.    

I think the goldfish are adorable.  I realize I owe Finn a pillow to match his quilt!

Saturday, February 14, 2015

Happy Valentines' Day!

Waterfront Park Layers of Charm Quilt from Fat Quarter Shop

 I have four layer cakes and I'm determined to use them up.  So this is the first of four.
I don't usually make the same pattern more than once, but this one is quick and easy and I might do just that.  The pattern only uses 36 pieces of the layer cake, but I'm using all 42, thus the cut off blocks on the right side.  Like I always say, the bigger the better!

Monday, February 9, 2015

Another Postage stamp quilt

 Ignore the messy sewing room - ugh.  And I must have taken this at the wrong time of day because the colors are all washed out.  Yes, the fabrics are muted, but not this muted.
  For a few years I had it in my heart and mind to make a quilt for a dear young mom, also my daughter's friend. She's a sweet woman with a Godly husband and a darling young daughter, Mykenzie, and a son, Zachary, who is now home with his Heavenly Father after blessing his mom and dad for 18 days.  I think of him and his little family often, offering up prayers for peace and comfort for them.
 I know they will enjoy this quilt, hopefully for many years.

I love you guys!  xo

Modern sampler quilt

This lap size quilt went to a dear friend whom I have been neglecting lately :-(
She received it just days before a blizzard hit Rhode Island - I think she likes it, in more ways than one.
Some of my fabric choices were less than stellar.  I'm trying to get out of the mode of picking in a hurry.  My sewing time is so limited, but I need to slow down anyway and FIND the right mix of fabrics and not just settle, because then there's regret, and regret is a very slippery slope.  (Okay, enough philosophizing)

Even so, it's still one of my favorite qujlts!
~ Jodi ~